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About The Well
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We’re Arianna and Gray Montana—best friends, husband and wife, and founders of The Well Sourced Life. In our world, quality of life hinges on the connection we share with each other, the connection to all, and ultimately in connecting Authentically to Our Selves. In appreciation for this connection, we find our greatest Inspiration in being of service to others. Our calling, as our service, is in the sharing of that Inspiration. We’ve learned that Inspiration takes you to a deeper place within Your Self—to a deeper level of existence that is more fulfilling than one could think possible and is available to everyone.  And so, it’s our honor and practice to write as we live, in Inspiration, and create an opportunity for our community to join us in this light.

We share decades of self-discovery, growth, and development both personally and professionally. While our paths have been diverse in many ways from academic pursuits, credentials awarded, and career paths chosen, we still share a great deal of overlap in our experiences. Perhaps most importantly, what we’ve learned and how we’ve applied it has led us to one single Truth: We’re all destined to share in what we are, The Source in All as the Source in One. 


Collectively, our backgrounds include services in coaching, consulting, creative development, marketing, and management across a variety of sectors including lifestyle, nutrition, yoga, meditation, healthcare & medicine, design & construction, natural building, renewable energy technologies, sustainable living practices, biodynamic agriculture, and environmental conservation. 


The Well Sourced Life, LLC is a platform for us to combine our experiential learning with the many applications it has to a truly fulfilling life and lifestyle.

About The Well

So, what's missing?

There’s an overwhelming abundance of good-intentioned, quality content in the self-development market today. It all stands to increase one’s vibration and quality of life for the experience that it is. But while the influence is positive, it doesn’t last.


The Investment In Self.

This isn’t an outward pursuit by nature, but an inward journey. A journey that can only be cultivated through a renewable and sustainable way of life. It is through daily practices capable of nurturing one’s Authentic Self, that boosts vibration and transitions aspiration into a lifestyle. This is a way of life we refer to as “Well-Sourced”—a life created through Self Discovery.

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Be Inspired Every Day

The Well of Light is a subscription platform delivering daily Inspiration to move you deeper and deeper into a more authentic connection with yourself and the world around you. New entries are provided every morning, 365 days a year.

Dive Deeper

We believe that our purpose becomes empowered through this appreciation for our own unique journey, and reinstates it as the magic carpet ride it was always intended to be. It’s so easy to look at the apparent complications and dismiss the whole adventure, but complications can be looked at as nothing more than redirection and opportunities for growth. So, if circumstances don’t determine the quality in one’s life, what does?


Your unbridled spirit applied to life without conditions. This is our Divine calling! To give without expectation. To love without a fear of loss. To feel gratitude without compensation. To forgive without a need to forget. To know joy without cause. To see beauty in the dreariest of days. To know peace within and so without. To feel compassion for the most estranged. This is the heart of an inspired life…a renewable life…a life that moves you…


As lifelong students of self-development, we have felt this separation between education of the mind and integration to the Self. And so has come our calling to connect the dots. As Experiential Learning Coaches and Founders of The Well Sourced Life, we strive to enable one’s Self-Discovery and Self-Application through inspiration and education. 


It is our goal to champion a way of life that connects our clients with their Authentic Self, their Divine Purpose, and their enjoyment of a Life they were born to Create.

By our definition, Well Sourced Life
is not a paint by number picture of wellness,
but one that captures all the colors and tools necessary
to create your own masterpiece. 

Our services offer a consistent medium for self-exploration and growth through a natural unfolding of life experience.

This is our passion. 
This is our part in an ever-evolving, ever-expanding world.
Thanks for sharing in the journey with us.

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Love, Arianna Gray
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Into the Well: Self-Discovery, Part 1 of a Minicourse Series designed to dive deeper into
The Well of Light,

Daily Inspirational Subscription.

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