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Well Sourced Courses

For the advancement of life and lifestyle through the education of inspiration

We are all called to more than what exists.

But we are programmed to search within what already exists to find what’s more.

This creates a perpetual cycle of discontentment and lack of development.

Well Sourced Courses are designed to lead you away from the world that has you wanting more,

to a place where answers are in abundance and a new world is created in every moment.

This place is within You.


Into The Well, A Mini Course Series

Unveil your Source, explore your depth,
and apply your Self without limitation

Dive Deeper into The Well of Light Daily Inspiration. Take a closer look into many passages aligned in theme, expanding on the meaning, and connecting to a broad spectrum of applications. Through a fully immersive audio and visual experience representing Inspiration in Art, Poetry, Reflection, Affirmation, Insights, Daily Practices, Meditations, Journaling Exercises, and Lifestyle Design Innovations, the student is given the means to expand their Self, their Life, and their World.

In this mini course series, the students' level of awareness will increase, along with an appreciation for life, life experience, and their own unique self-expression. This provides a new foundation for feeling and functioning as a Creator of One’s Self, One’s Life, and One’s World.

Volume I: Self-Discovery

Enjoyment is a gift inherent to every moment

as an expression of our Authenticity.


So, how do we see it?


Feeling enjoyment, as an Authenticity of Self,

isn’t a result of circumstance,

but the perspective one brings to any scenario…


We live in the world that we choose to see.

And it’s this reality that defines us.

The opportunity we see in our lives

is a direct reflection of the potential we see in ourselves.

One’s world, as one’s Self, is as limitless as one believes it to be. Knowing this, makes every occasion an opportunity

for enjoyment, and an ever-expanding realization of One’s Self.

In this first volume, Arianna and Gray explore Well of Light entries that open the mind and heart to a different idea of Self—One that bridges “identity” with the inner world of the

Self-Realization that Sources it All. 


A lot of the struggle today is self-inflicted and is based on an in-Authenticity with One’s outer pursuits as compared to their Inner Knowing. We’re all here to serve a purpose, Divine in its uniqueness and application. The quality of one’s life and lifestyle comes from the fulfillment of recognizing and serving that purpose.


In Self-Discovery, the Realization of One’s Divine Purpose is explored through venturing within One’s Self, while letting go of the need for pursuit. There is no pursuit. There is only a willingness to abandon what’s commonplace in our world today for that which you already are…what calls to you, and the ways in which you are already blessed. 

We all agree that we are here to enjoy our life, so why is this a conditional experience? Because our experience and enjoyment of Self is conditional. With a better understanding of your True Self, comes a Love for Self and an innate ability to enjoy life unconditionally.

Discover your Self, discover your world.

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How it works

Once purchased, students will receive the course in its entirety and can

go at their own pace. There is no time limit. Lifetime access is granted. The experience is intended to be personal for every student.

This course could take a week, a month, or more, and

can be repeated as many times as one desires.

It’s all relative to each unique journey on the path to self-discovery.

The course is accessible via a private link.

If not already a Well Sourced Community Member,

the student will create a profile.

Upon signing into the website, students will access the course

through their account and can download materials

as specified through each module.

How Modules are structured


Each module is presented in written and audio format to maximize

the student’s experience and aid in their comprehension.


Module 1: Course Introduction

  • Navigating the Content

  • The Desired Experience

  • Optimization of Application

  • Presentation of Theme 


Modules 2-9: Well of Light Entries, Expanded

  • Each Entry includes the following:

  • Original Photography / Original Poetry / Original Reflection / Original Affirmation 

  • Key Insights / Analysis of Insights 

  • Applications / Meditation / New Affirmation / Journaling & Daily Exercises 

  • Podcast Episode by Arianna & Gray on the Theme, Meaning, Application, and Lifestyle Teachings


Module 10: Putting It All Together

  • Summary of all entries

  • One Presiding Takeaway

  • General Application of new learning


Course Highlights

♡ Go at your own pace

♡ Life-time access

♡ 6 Hours of Audio

for a fully immersive experience

♡ 150 One-of-a-kind pages of downloadable content


Pay Once for Unlimited Access
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