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Passages for Inspired Living

Insights of Light, Volume I

Insights of Light is an Inspirational Book Series
featuring short passages and accompanying illustrations
designed to enhance one’s experience of life
through Self-Discovery, Reflection, Healing, and Realization.

Are you tired of searching for meaning in your life?

Is the world of social media, shopping carts, and lifestyle trends providing only a temporary fix? We’re all called to more…to the excitement of the adventure this life is meant to be. How can we find it? The answer is in how we feel it. 

This is our Inspiration. This is our connection to the Light that Sources Us All. The Heart of our most genuine desires, and the genius of our Being. It’s in the application of this Knowing that unites us with our place, our purpose, and our

passion for the present moment.

The meaning of Inspiration is In-Spirit, the Spiritual Self,

which draws us to something biggersomething beyond what can be routinely practiced or preached.

It is that single momentary effect that connects you

with your most Authenticating Cause.

This is the language of the Spirit that motivates us to realize our Divine capabilities. It is in the opportunity that each moment provides to communicate with Our Spirit…

to feel Inspired, that

transforms surviving into thriving.

This is Your Creative Self wanting to connect with all that can be imagined. Through inspiration, we empower ourselves as

the energy that moves our world and manifests our desires. 

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Insights of Light is a focus of Inspiration, an exploration of the light at its source, and the love that communicates it all.

This is not a how-to or anecdotal way, but a medium for creation and application in your own unique way. It’s an invitation to dive deeper within Your Self. Wherever you are and with whatever you’re doing, there is a passage of Pure Inspiration…a message of Divine Clarity…an Insight of Light.

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Gift of Inspiration

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